Used Car Exchange

Pak-Suzuki gives you an opportunity to Exchange your used Suzuki Car with new one.

A program that will provide you ease & convenience to Exchange your old car with any brand new Suzuki vehicle. All you have to do is " Pay the Difference " & we will assure you the following:

  • Transparency & reliability
  • Immediate payment & adjustments
  • Exchange bonus
  • New Suzuki car of your choice
  • No hidden charges
  • Highly competitive prices then the open market
  • Financing & insurance facility all under one roof
  • Inspection and evaluation of the used vehicle on 130 - Quality Check Points
  • Highly skilled and trained staff for your facilitation
  • Smooth & Hassle Free transaction.

So who says that we can only sell? Now, we do much more than that! Bring in your used Suzuki car and exchange it for a new one and rule the road in your brand new Suzuki.

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